ALAPTO Board Meeting: Tues., Feb. 26, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

Please join us for the upcoming ALAPTO board meeting this Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. in the Aldo library.

The agenda is as follows:

ALAPTO Board Meeting

26 February 2019 / 5:30 PM

Board Attendees

Steve Utech, Trina Lambert, Rachel Burger, Emilie Heil, John Pennington, Dan Ritter, Kelsey Heida, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Emily Genrich, Carrie Nowak, Bridget Dapra, Jon Shelton  (Those in bold were present)





Old Business:

  1. Approve previous board meeting minutes


  1. Mural project update


  1. Jay Roberts presentation update


  1. Possible town hall meeting in April


  1. Merchandise credit for money collected from Aldo Gear- does everyone agree?


New Business:

  1. Teacher Crossing Guards
    1. Jon Shelton is coming to see how ALAPTO can support him, directly or indirectly, in his desire to find a new solution to Aldo teacher’s performing crossing guard duties
  2. Committee Updates
    1. Fundraising
  1. Popsockets
  2. Barnes and Noble event

iii. Mural Photo Mementos

  1. Funds2Orgs shoe drive (fall event)
  2. WildKAT challenge (‘19/20 event)

Vi. committee members


    1. Events/Community Building Committee
      1. Trivia Night – March 1 at Green Bay Distillery at 6:00pm
      2. Exploratory Week


    1. Teacher appreciation
      1. Meeting with chair nominee next week
      2. Sourced two volunteers for committee


    1. Finance committee/ELF
      1. ELF update- percentage?
      2. Middle School ELF vs Elementary ELF (parent concern)
        1. More visibility of what is covered by ELF
          1. paper letter sent home by grade level of what is covered
          2. email sent home with same information
          3. ALAPTO binder in office with minutes of board minutes, ELF information
          4. Bulletin board
          5. ?
      3. Treasurer’s report


    1. Communications Committee


  1. Board Transitions
    1. Who is staying on and which positions will be left open?
    2. Nominees for vacancies
    3. Sustainability binder prototype (Kristy created a binder for her AR/AP role)- work in progress
      1. Template created for all other roles/positions (ALAPTO board, Board Sustainability, click on your title)
      2. If everyone agrees, drafts due by next board meeting in March.
      3. Another easy project- transfer ownership of all doc files you have created, to if transitioning. We still need Karen Eckberg to do this.


  1. Other:
    1. ALAPTO Family Connections– thoughts, comments, concerns, questions, etc.  (This is located under the Parent Communication folder on the ALAPTO drive)
    2. Teddy Bear and 4K camps- Meet and Greet
      1. Time for parents to meet each other, Trina and members of the ALAPTO board members
      2. We could have a table, ELF information, volunteer information, etc.
      3. Vary the times (one at drop off, one at pick up) to accommodate work schedules
      4. Create an ALAPTO packet to give out to families that are new to the school . (There is a folder located under the Parent Communication folder on the ALAPTO drive)
    3. Visibility of ALAPTO
      1. Save minutes as a pdf, so they can be uploaded to the website.
      2. Minutes should be posted on FB, hard copy on our bulletin board, sent out via mailchimp?
      3. How do we get more visibility?


Next meeting: March 26 @ 5:30pm in the Aldo library

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Trivia Night March 1 is Fast Approaching! Meet Kirk Miller, Host of the Event!

Attention! Attention!
We have an announcement!
We know that you are already SUPER EXCITED to come out for Trivia Night on March 1st, but just in case you really needed any more convincing on just how fun it’ll be- we’d like to unveil our host for the evening!!

Green Bay native, Kirk Miller, was one of the first 8th graders to graduate from the Aldo Leopold program, then called Howe Alternative in 1986. He is a Chicago-based global sales & marketing executive in technology, learning & development, and entertainment industries. He’s also a trained improviser, polyglot, writer, traveler (40 countries and counting), and is fluent in English & French, speaks Brazilian, Portuguese & a bit of Spanish. Kirk is currently Director, Business Development at Second City Works, the business division of the famous Improv Theater The Second City which has produced great comedy talents such as Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, and John Candy.
He’s so excited to be hosting Aldo Leopold’s Trivia night and to be home to visit with his mom, dad, sisters, and nieces!

Here is the link to buy tickets, folks. Get them now so you can cross that off your to do list!

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Trivia Night: Buy Tickets Online . . . Right Now!

Trivia Night is fast approaching–March 1 at The Distillery.

Please purchase your tickets in advance at


Teacher Appreciation Committee Chairs Needed!

No. ALAPTO doesn’t need physical chairs for teachers to sit on!  What we need is someone to chair the committee (or co-chair)–the charge of the committee is to organize refreshments for teacher-student conferences and to promote teacher wish lists.

To volunteer, please to sign up on the Google form link here:


Donate for Space Walk Mural for Aldo Leopold Community School

Space may be the final frontier . . . but that frontier can be at Aldo Leopold too!

Please go to the following link to donate to the mural for Aldo Leopold: