Trivia Night March 1 is Fast Approaching! Meet Kirk Miller, Host of the Event!

Attention! Attention!
We have an announcement!
We know that you are already SUPER EXCITED to come out for Trivia Night on March 1st, but just in case you really needed any more convincing on just how fun it’ll be- we’d like to unveil our host for the evening!!

Green Bay native, Kirk Miller, was one of the first 8th graders to graduate from the Aldo Leopold program, then called Howe Alternative in 1986. He is a Chicago-based global sales & marketing executive in technology, learning & development, and entertainment industries. He’s also a trained improviser, polyglot, writer, traveler (40 countries and counting), and is fluent in English & French, speaks Brazilian, Portuguese & a bit of Spanish. Kirk is currently Director, Business Development at Second City Works, the business division of the famous Improv Theater The Second City which has produced great comedy talents such as Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, and John Candy.
He’s so excited to be hosting Aldo Leopold’s Trivia night and to be home to visit with his mom, dad, sisters, and nieces!

Here is the link to buy tickets, folks. Get them now so you can cross that off your to do list!

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