Communications Committee Goals 2018-2019

As the Communications Committee, we agree we are collectively responsible for the following:


To keep parents, teachers, and others involved with the Aldo Leopold Community School informed about the activities of the Aldo Leopold Association of Parents, Teachers and Others (ALAPTO).  The mechanisms for such communication may include

  • Facebook
  • ALAPTO Website
  • ALAPTO Newsletter
  • Other communications as needed from various committees

Our goals for the 2018-2019 school year.

The goals are to continue to keep a robust social media presence on Facebook, to evolue the website, to create an ALAPTO newsletter, and to be a facilitator for other communications as needed.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Social Media Chair

The social media chair will be responsible for maintaining the Facebook page related to ALAPTO. Postings will be made regularly, usually daily, to keep people aware of happenings related to ALAPTO specifically and Aldo Leopold Community School generally.

Website Manager

The website manager will update and maintain the website at Such maintenance will include updating Aldo and ALAPTO calendars, posting key upcoming events, and maintaining the online forms.

Newsletter Editor

Will be responsible for producing and editing a newsletter that is related to the operations of ALAPTO.

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