Events and Community

Events/Community Committee Goals 2018-2019

As the Events Planning/Community Building Committee, we agree we are collectively responsible for the following:


  1. Continuing to support established events, such as Back to School Night, Fall Fest, Trivia Night, Legacy Day, and Exploratory Week



  • This will be done by encouraging existing individual planning committees to work together, assisting in adding new members to committees, sharing notes and documents from previous years’ events, and summarizing successes and failures following each event.



  1. Supporting school staff with other events that might only occur once, such as Math Night or Literacy Night.


  1. Explore the possibilities of refiguring existing events or debuting brand new events.


  1. Assist in building relationships among families and with staff



  • This will be done by introducing Aldo Roots, a buddy system connecting new families with established families
  • We will also aim to make school events more accessible to all families by identifying families with financial setbacks and offering ways to engage, i.e. free admissions, volunteering for admissions, etc.



Our goals for the 2018-2019 school year.


This year, we aim to maintain or increase attendance at Fall Fest, increase participation and attendance in Trivia Night, study Exploratory Week for ways to enhance the experience, and launch Aldo Roots.


_______________Committee Roles At A Glance


Committee Roles, Responsibilities


Chairperson: Lead meetings, create agendas, direct communication within the group, work with Event Committee Chairs, including sharing budget info and notes from previous years,  represent committee with ALAPTO, work with other relevant committees (Fundraising, Finance, and Communication)

Member: Attend and assist with meetings, share ideas, source volunteers




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