Fundraising Committee Goals 2018-2019

As the Fundraising Committee, we agree we are collectively responsible for the following:


Our goals for the 2018-2019 school year.


– Establish annual fundraisers that do not require the selling of goods or services (exception at this time- Luna Coffee)

-Create a self directed work group that contains dedicated volunteers who can each take a turn running a fundraiser or event and reporting back up through Committee Chair OR maintain one of the roles listed below.

-Establish a fundraising goal for each of the following: teacher appreciation, school improvements, garden/green initiatives, and supplemental ELF funding. Discuss this in greater detail with budget committee to establish accounts if needed OR keep all funds discretionary and used where/when needed.


Committee Roles At A Glance


Committee Roles, Responsibilities


-Chair- responsible for communication within the committee. Checks in with event chairs for updates, needs, and feedback. Presents information to ALAPTO board and seeks approval from board when necessary. Work in tandem with other committees on joint ventures (ie: trivia night)


-Event chair- responsible for running a specific event. Create agenda, budget, and plan meetings. Advise committee chair of needs. Fill out appropriate forms/docs to maintain historical data.


-Volunteer in Action- assists with volunteering at fundraising events, helps to crowd-source other volunteers.


-Opportunity Developer- seek out fundraising opportunities that fit the Aldo structure and present to committee for discussion.


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