Mission Statement of the Fundraising Committee– Our mission is to raise funding for Experiential Learning, beyond what is brought in through Experiential Learning Fees, so that all students, regardless of ability to pay, can participate fully with their peers.
The Fundraising Committee firmly believes in open communication and community stewardship. If you’d like to become a part of our team, have feedback or ideas to share, please consider reaching out. We’d love to hear from you! Email us:
Examples of how we will use funds THIS year!
  • Trips to Barkhausen
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Discovery World
  • Point Beach Energy Center
  • Ledgeview Caves
  • Trees for Tomorrow
  • guest speakers
  • special assemblies
  • artists and writers in residence
  • Math Night.
Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities:
  • Luna Coffee Fundraiser ends Nov 27 with orders being delivered the week of December 17
  • Chipotle Restaurant Fundraiser December 16th from 4-8pm
  • Trivia Night March 1st 2019
Stay tuned as we will have more scheduled very soon!

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