Mission: Experiential Learning

Aldo Leopold Community School is a 4k to 8th grade school located in the heart of the Historic Astor Park neighborhood in downtown Green Bay. Aldo Leopold Community School serves children from the city of Green Bay and its suburbs. All members of Aldo Leopold Community School make the commitment to work tirelessly to make the school its absolute best. We live by the following principles:

  • At Aldo Leopold Community School we believe that great teachers and staff are crucial to student learning. We are individuals who demonstrate a relentless drive to improve the minds, characters, and lives of students both in and out of school. Our teachers and staff show unwavering commitment to urban youth achieving greatness through innovative and progressive educational practices. Rigorous attention to emerging educational philosophies and best practices motivates us to make constant improvements and modifications to our teaching to best fit our learners.
  • At Aldo Leopold Community School we are smart, problem-solving and passionate individuals who work as cooperative and integral parts of a dynamic team. We know that educational opportunity is the civil rights movement of our time and look for the opportunities for all of our students to find success. We are self-reflective leaders who work relentlessly to close the achievement gap.
  • At Aldo Leopold Community School, good teachers and staff become great teachers and staff. Faculty members participate in frequent pedagogical discussions and spend time together each summer., before school begins, strengthening practice, philosophy and camaraderie. We benefit from the mentorship of our peers. We welcome observation, guidance, and coaching to improve our practice.
  • Aldo Leopold Community School program staff teach until our students learn. With extended learning opportunities and a unique calendar. Aldo Leopold Community school offers the time students need to reach their goals- in and outside the typical day. Teachers and staff provide a positive, supportive learning environment to ensure our students exemplify the school’s core values and respond to endlessly changing global conditions.

At Aldo Leopold Community School we are community members first, always looking to work together with students and staff to ensure that we are educating the entire child, not just the one that we see during our classes. We use alternative and traditional educational models to best fit the varied needs of our learners and focus on making our school a true learning community.

The Aldo Way
Act Responsibly
Live Respectfully
Do Your Best
Operate Safely

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